I remember it like it was only yesterday...

2012. That was the year I picked up my first camera. Until that point, I'm not sure I ever really gave photography much thought. I remember my dad had a suitcase full of old photos, but back then, the importance of those printed images were lost on me. 

Fast forward a few years (more than a few, to be honest), and a much older and wiser me realised that our kids would all be grown up and we would have no photographic record of them growing up through the years, so we decided to get our first camera. Little did I know what would spawn out of that decision, or the profound change of direction it would take me. With a begrudging acknowledgement that their dad wanted to take photos, my kids played the game for a short while, then began to run a mile whenever I appeared with camera in hand. I'm not sure I ever got the family photos I wanted (but I keep trying to this day) 

I also didn't realise what a love affair would develop between me and photography. These days, it's much more than a passion, it's part of my life. 5 years later, I've shot street photography, portraits, street portraits, landscape, sunsets, sunrises, good weather, bad weather, terrible weather, even my cups of coffee for Instagram (I moved out of that phase quickly) and now I'm knee-deep in the middle of a long-term project, documenting a place of outstanding natural beauty, close to where I live. It's called 'The Downs', and you can head over to my gallery to look at some those photos. 

Thanks so much for hanging around. I hope you find something nice whilst you're here.